Monday, September 08, 2008

Whoo Hooo!!

New control center going in for the media team! We got it for the most part set up tonight. I'll go back tomorrow night to do some tweaking! But oh my goodness was it hot up there. I had to drop the air and push the turbo fans to get it cooling down. Should have seen us taking the desk up the stairs. It was like moving in to a 2nd story condo!

Hey, shout out to Rebecca for riding with me for a bit Saturday. Thanks friend! I was able to ask all sorts of trainer type questions while we rode together and she didn't even charge me.

I grabbed a new tune today from a band I saw on MTV last night. Tokio Hotel. Ok, before y'all go bashing me... they have a song called Monsoon that is really good.

Life is good.... but boy am I pooped tonight... good night John boy... good night Mary Ellen...

1 comment:

Iron Maiden said...

No, thank yooouuuu! I sure enjoyed being in your draft and riding along with you, buddy! I'll send ya the bill ;-)!