Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Midweek madness

Ok I'm getting some big stuff done so now the rest of the week should be a bit more laid back.

3 days until Big Dam bridge 100. Weather is looking really nice. I heard on the Weather Channel 80 for a high on Saturday then I heard on local weather that is was going to be 86. I like the 80 better.

Yesterday Terri and I carpooled together to work and in the middle of the afternoon I realized I had not 1 but 2 functions after work to be at. I missed both. Talking about bummed out. Both sounded like they would have been a lot of fun.

Kevin the youth guy is going to do services Sunday. I got the song list earlier today. Nice! We are doing the run through tomorrow night around 9. What a difference between the regular preacher and the youth guy. Kids are always wanting to stay out late on week nights. HA!

Have I said anything about new song of the week? It's awesome!
Brandon Heath -- Give me your eyes
Jump over to Youtube and watch it!

Life is good... ready to ride!

1 comment:

Wes said...

Have a great ride this weekend, Geo! I'm holding out for 80 for you :-)