Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday night thoughts

Terri is gone to the movie with my sisters.
Em is gone to the hospital to visit her friend's grandmom then to the airport to pick up her friend.
Saydee is laying on the floor ...on her back very unlady like ...even for a dog.
The girls were real smart this weekend and didn't buy any chocolate which means I'm safe! I passed up the chocolate doughnuts this morning at pre-church coffee and doughnuts. Yeah, I know... big deal huh?! Well, to me it really was. I gotta tell you somethings guys, I'm not doing so hot on the dropping the pounds and eating right these days. Oh I'm eating right ... eating right down to the bottom of the box or package. What's up with that? Serious? I mean life is good, it really is but this eating has got to change!
Ok, on to better things, I didn't mean to get all whining there.

Services this morning went great! Just one bump in the road but it was very minor and most didn't even notice. A font changed on me even after the run though and the software I use does that about once every blue moon. All I do is click and then click backwards and it's fixed. Weird huh? But it happens so rare so I don't really worry about it.

Next Sunday is going to be completely different for us. Greg is off on a speaking tour so he had his talk video taped. We watched it last night after the run through to so a special sound check and it was really nice. It starts with him at the state capitol and then he ends up at Emerald Park (a mountain bike trail) then down on the river. It has some nice footage. Kevin our youth guy will be doing the songs so that means it will more than likely be a contemporary service. I plan to inject a little more video and motion into the mix as well. Fingers crossed it serves it's purpose. Like they told us at Echo... if you're not doing it for God, it doesn't count.

I'm really looking forward to next Saturday. The Big Dam Bridge 100. ( They were saying about 2,000 riders. I hope so! I'm more than likely going to do the 50 or 75 route. I don't know, I could get crazy and do the 100. I did drop a few bucks and get the jersey this year. Hey, it matches my bike... cycling is really all about fashion ya know! HA! Speaking of fashion, you know I still am a (closet) Rock racing fan and still want one of the Rock and Republic jeresys but they are in the rock star price range. Anyway, I read a blog and notes about the young guns who were out riding and spotted a "older guy with a Rock Racing jersey on". It wasn't me thank goodness! HA!

Speaking of fashion, I did buy a couple of new shirts last week. i do not shop but ventured out on a little week night solo shopping trip to the mall. I think me and 5 other peole were in the whole mall at 8:15 that night. Anyway, went in the Buckle and got awesome service. These 2 kids helped me and the first thing I told them was that I wanted a really good looking polo with the graphics that doesn't make me look like I'm in mid-life crisis. I ended up with a gray polo with draker gray graphics. I also stopped by Steinmart and spotted a black shirt that I really liked. It was 34 bucks but guess what the real price had been? $165. Some guy name Ike something. Wore it this morning and got several nice comments. Ok I went to church dressed like Johnny-George-Cobb-Cash. I know I know...

Mean to tell you too I downloaded a great new tune! Celtic Thunder, who comes to Alltel November 12th, has a song called Ride On! Love this tune! Yes, they have the accent but it's a great song! Go download it for 99 cents.

Terri and I went to the new Casa Mexicana today. The old one was right across the parking lot. We decided we'd give it a month or so to let them get all the kinks ironed out before we go back. They added fish tacos to the menu...finally!!! But they aren't too good. But like I said, this is their first weekend open in the new spot so we'll go back again in a few. It was insane crazy busy!

Shout out to Mariann... I'm going to do my best to get over to the photo shoot as long as I can stand in the back. HA!

Shout out to Abbie... hey I spotted your photo in the Hearing Loss magazine.

Shout out to Jennifer... I hear you are heading up next year's convention in Nashville! Very Cool!

Awww right... enough for tonight!

Life is good...without chocolate doughnuts.
My inner Homer Simpson is fighting that statement! D'oh!

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Jennifer said...

Thanks! Actually, the national association is doing the vast majority of the work...I am one of the co-chairs for the local end of it, though! We are in charge of PR and the welcome committee and several other I am staying busy! :)
Just a teeny little FYI...keep your eyes open on that Hearing Loss magazine. See if you can spot Abbie and me in the current one!