Saturday, September 20, 2008

Saturday adventures

Started off foggy so I didn't go ride with the group at 7:30. I was actually in the car and on the way but the closer I got to the river the foggier and wetter the streets were. I got out about 10 and had a great ride. Rode out to the country and the nice thing was the tailwind was coming back to town rather than going out!

Got a lot done around the house this afternoon which motivated me to get busy and knock out a lot more.

While out running errands I stopped and got a Fourbucks (Starbucks) iced latte. Yes the cinnamon one. I just said a large. I was the only one getting an order made at that moment and I didn't know a large (veni) had 3 THREE shots of expresso in it. I never get the large. Oh my goodness! I was wired and I do mean hot wired all afternoon! It was so good!

Met Greg for service run through this evening and everything went really well. He thinks I need a new computer system. I'm not going to stop them but it really does need to have something that can handle all the video and mega files we are running through service now. There is one downloaded video that plays fine on my laptop but the sound is 2 seconds off on the church system. We trashed that one for tomorrow.

I'm excited about tomorrow! We have some good songs, Greg has some good points he'll make, I'm happy with the media & art. Doing several motion backgrounds! Hoping for another packed house! We don't have anything scheduled for tomorrow evening service so I get to play tomorrow afternoon! I'm going to get a ride in! Oh boy oh boy!

I put together a new play list that I'm really liking! It's sort of the same songs as Tom 106.7 FM. It was funny because today it was chance of isolated thundershowers and several of the songs are about rain!
Rain in the summertime (The Alarm)
Summer Rain (Belinda Carlise -- go ahead and laugh but I had never heard this song until Rodney played it one day on his station)
Rain Down (Compliments of Gus -- another song I discovered from Rodney's station)
Monsoon - Tokio Hotel

Yes, the Razorbacks were crushed at the football game. Jim, 5 bucks for you (and a Chik-fil-a coupon) if you'll just not say ANYTHING about the hogs all season on your blog. If for no one it for your granddaddy... he would be proud of you. (I know, that was really low...but when you're desparate! HA!!) Several folks I know twittered that they were up and heading to the game (3 hurs from here). I wondered if anyone spoke on the way home?

Life is good ... well of course it's the weekend!

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Anonymous said...

fourbucks = starbucks, okay I gotta luv it!! smile. did you see on my blog that if you can meet up at 5:40 p.m Tuesday at Cooks for a photo!! yep a "blogger group photo" and maybe I can finally meet you in the flesh!! m